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How It Works


The revolutionary new method involves the ionization of atmospheric gas (nitrogen) between the device and the skin.  The nitrogen expels the oxygen from the skin surface at the tip of the device which then minimizes the risk of unpredictable hot spots, charring, and scar formation. 

The device doesn't touch the skin and there is no cutting or needles. The ionization of the gas results in immediate skin tightening as well as stimulation of the deeper collagen and skin cells. This is how you achieve immediate results of more youthful looking skin which continues to improve over the following weeks and months. Fibroblast cells are stimulated and form new collagen from the treatment, this continues for up to a year and results just keep improving.

Results are due to your own body's healing and interaction with the device rather than injection of foreign materials into the body. The results are a regeneration of your own skin and are permanent (subject to the normal ageing process). Once you achieve the desired level of tightening which is typically 1 - 3 treatments there is no need to repeat the treatment every 3 - 6 months. 

Some of the effects of ageing on the skin that can be significantly improved or even eliminated by this new method include fine lines, crepiness, loose or sagging skin, expression lines, deep wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone, sallow skin, acne scarring, liver spots, warts and skin tags. If you suffer from any of these this treatment is for you. 

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Immediate Results

  • Instant skin tightening 
  • Further tightening and collagen production over the next 6 + weeks
  • Excellent results typically achieved with only one or two treatments (occasionally 3 treatments may be required for very loose skin)
  • Fabulously natural looking results - you become a younger version of your beautiful self!   

You're In Good Hands

The plasma pen is the only device of its kind fully approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia so you can rest assured it is a safe advanced high quality medical plasma device meeting the Australian Government's excellent health and safety standards. 

All treatments are carried out by fully qualified health professionals trained in the latest Plasmedic skin tightening techniques.    

If you're interested in the research, this is a great starting point:     

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Advanced Skin Tightening

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